Put the expertise of an Olympic Champion to work
for your team.


  • Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St. Petersburg, Russia 2012 - Ph.D
        Dissertation - Preparation of Highly Qualified Judges in Artistic
  • Bachelor degree in Physical Education - Academy of Physical Education and Sports, Almaty, Kazakhstan 1978
  • Academy of Social Sciences in Minsk, Belarus 1985

Professional Achievements

  • National coach and WTC President for the BGA (Belarus Gymnastics Association) 1983-1995
  • FIG Academies Expert 2002-2005
  • Coach and Lector in the international training camps and clubs - Nellie has coached in Korea, Italy and the USA since 1983.
  • WTC member (2000-2004 - 1st Vice President) 1996-2004
  • FIG WTC President and EC member since 2005

Now you can take advantage of the expertise and insight Nellie has accumulated through her years of high-level international competitions, coaching and judging.

Nellie is available to teams and individual gymnasts to share her experiences as a coach and judge, or as a motivational speaker.

For more information or to request a consultation with Nellie Kim, please email us at Admin@NellieKim.net.